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 Apartments in Moscow.


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Since 1991

It is the privilege of our Moscow Real Estate Service to assist with your real estate needs.  We have provided excellent renting services in the city of Moscow since 1991.  Our agency enjoys a great reputation as one of the most reliable in the Moscow region.  Our agency has been repeatedly acclaimed for providing excellent services by reputable realtor and community organizations.  Many of our clients are Orthodox Christians and our agency Orthodox division was acknowledged for providing excellent services by the Moscow Patriarchate in 2001. 


We will accommodate you in contemporary apartments in the city of Moscow.  Apartments in are readily available in a variety of options including economy class, business class and executive or elite class apartments.  Our apartments are fully equipped and smartly furnished to meet the needs of our clients to include refrigerators, washing machines, microwaves, stereo systems, TV/DVDs, telephones, kitchen utensils, bed linens and much more.

 rent apartments moscow

Our agency is staffed with exceptionally professional employees.  Our staff will provide the best advice to assist you in choosing an apartment rental in the city of Moscow. 



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